With tears blurring her vision, Ellen raced out of Matt’s room, and promptly ran right into Chris.

"Dr. Burgess, where’s the fire?" Chris asked, catching her by the shoulders and getting a glimpse of the tears in her eyes. "Is something wrong?"

"Everything is fine, I was just on my way to the ER," she answered, using the tips of her fingers to wipe the tears from her eyes.

Realizing she was coming from the direction of Matt’s room, he pressed further. "You sure that’s all?" he asked, wondering if perhaps Dr. Burgess knew something that he didn’t.

"You don’t question me, doctor, I ask the questions."

"I was just…"

"I don’t have time for this," Ellen said as she began to walk away.

"That’s fine, I was just on my way to see Matt," he announced, pasting on his ‘Good Samaritan’ face and pointing himself in the direction of Matt’s room.

Ellen knew the last thing Matt needed was Chris holding him up, especially with every moment being so crucial. "Dr. Harmon is resting right now, I need you to come to the ER with me."

"But I really need to…" Chris replied pointing at Matt’s room.

"Doctor, this is not up for discussion. I am your supervisor and I am telling you to come to the ER with me, now!"

"Dr. Burgess I…" he stammered, desperate to do his ‘kind deed’ for Matt.

"Do you not have any conception of the word now? Go, Dr. Ramsey," she instructed, pointing Chris in the direction of the elevators.

"Yes, ma’am." Well, Chris thought as he walked into the elevator with Ellen following closely behind, he did attempt to tell Matt, but work did come first and Dr. Burgess wasn’t taking no for an answer. There was really nothing he could do for Matt anyway, besides bide him a little time, and as it looked, his time was up.

After stepping into the elevator, Ellen stared forlornly in the direction of Matt’s room. "I love you," she mouthed as the metal doors closed and the car began its descent.


Matt brushed the tears from his eyes, "So, where am I going?" he asked Mike, before getting himself settled into his chair.

"There’s a warehouse over by the docks. You can call the marshals and hang out there until they arrive," Mike explained.

Matt said nothing; he only nodded his acceptance of the older man’s words as he changed into some jeans and a blue pullover before packing the few items he had.

Mike’s heart went out to him, he looked as though he been hit by a truck. "You know, I can tell Ellen where you’ll be, so at least you two can be together before you go."

Shaking his head, "No," Matt said. "I don’t think I can handle another goodbye, it’s better we leave things the way they are. Besides, Bobby’s here. If he saw Ellen anywhere around me, or got any idea of her connection to me, he’d…he’d do anything. I can’t risk it."

"I guess you’re right, it’s just that…it’s so obvious how much you two want to be together. It’s just not fair."

"Well, I’ve learned life isn’t fair. More than anything, I want Ellen safe. Everything else I’ll learn to live with, like I’ve always done." Zipping his backpack, Matt placed in on the back of his chair. "That’s everything, we’d better get out of here."

Nodding his head in agreement, Mike followed the young doctor out the door.


Just over an hour later, Ellen and Chris had finished up in the ER and were now out in the corridor.

"I will never understand what would possess someone to crawl behind the wheel of a car when they’re three sheets to the wind. It’s barely 2 o’clock," Ellen remarked in disgust.

"At least nobody died, that’s the good part," Chris replied as he placed his stethoscope around his neck.

"You performed very well in there, doctor."

"Thank you, coming from you that’s high praise," Chris beamed, enjoying the compliment.

"You know, Dr. Ramsey, you don’t have to brown nose and undermine the other interns to prove your ability. Just prove your ability. You are a very capable doctor, but that apple polishing is not becoming."

Chris listened to Ellen’s words, but they were just words. He needed actions to back those words up. "You think I’ll win the Quartermaine Award?"

"You have as good a chance as the others," she answered as diplomatically as possible, as thoughts of Matt that were never far from her mind eased even more to the forefront.

"Uh-huh," Chris mumbled. With Matt out of the way, his good chance will become even better. By now, Matt’s ‘past’ would have caught up to him, and no matter what happened as a consequence of that, Chris knew the ‘star intern’ would no longer be a problem for him.


Bobby ransacked Matt’s apartment, and even waited a while to see if his disgraceful brother would show up. When it became apparent he wouldn’t, Bobby knew General Hospital was his next stop. Upon arriving at GH, he approached the information desk and inquired as to where he could find Dr. Harmon.

While he was questioning the young woman behind the information counter, Grace approached.

"Forgive me for overhearing, but you’re looking for Dr. Harmon?" she asked.

"Yes, there’s something I desperately need to give to him," Bobby answered as he gave the bubbly brunette a once over. "I understand he works here, do you know where I can find him?"

"Actually, I came in a few minutes before my shift to see him. Matt does work here, but right now he’s a patient. Are you a friend of his, Mister--?"

"Bobby, just call me Bobby. Yeah, Er…uh, Matt and I go way back. I’m sure he’ll be very surprised to see me. You say he’s a patient here, Grace?" he said reading the nametag on the nurse’s sweater.

"Yes, Matt was injured in a freak accident when he was out of town a few days ago. He’s doing much better, but I’m sure seeing an old friend will only enhance his recovery," Grace eagerly shared, and bringing an old friend to Matt will be certain to win her some favor in his eyes, she thought. "Follow me, I’ll take you to him."

Bobby followed Grace to the elevators and listened as patiently as possible as she shared how close she and Matt were, and how happy she is to be meeting an old friend of his.

Nodding his head, Bobby offered a faint smile as they rode to Matt’s location.

"He’s in 605," Grace said after the elevator opened and they walked out onto the floor and toward the room.

"Listen," Bobby said grabbing Grace’s arm as they stood right outside the room. "I’d like to go in alone, give him an unexpected but pleasant surprise. You understand don’t you?"

"Sure," she smiled. "I’ll let you two gentleman have a little time to catch up and join you in a little while."

Bobby nodded as he watched Grace walk in the direction of the nurses’ station. Scanning the area first, Bobby turned his body in such a way to hide his actions as he pulled out his gun and twisted on the silencer. "Alright, Eric, it’s time for your date with destiny."

Bounding through the door, Bobby entered the room to find it empty. "What the hell!" he growled. Walking over to the bed, he tossed aside the sheets and pillow before checking the drawers and finding them devoid of clothing or any other personal items. "He’s gone." Storming out of the room he approached the nurses’ station and went directly to Grace. "Where is Er…uh, Dr. Harmon. I thought you said that was his room?"

"It is," Grace answered. "Is there a problem?"

"Yes, there’s a problem," Bobby thundered, "he’s not in there."

"Of course he is," she said softly, taken aback by the man’s brusque response.

"Well, unless he’s become invisible, that room is empty!" Noting Grace’s startled reaction, Bobby
changed his tactics in an attempt to clarify things. "I’m sorry I shouted, it’s just that, I was surprised to hear he’s a patient and since he’s not in his room, I’m just a little concerned. Everything’s gone."

Making her way from around the desk, Grace went into Matt’s room and found that what the gentleman had said was true. Matt and all signs that he was there was gone. Walking back to the nurses’ station, Grace was about to page Ellen when the lady doctor approached.

"Ellen, Matt’s not in his room, do you know where he is?" she asked.

Ellen’s eyes met with those of the man that stood at the nurses’ station. Mike’s description and Matt’s suspicion left no doubt that he was the ‘hit man brother’. She had to play this right, she couldn’t allow her feelings to show, not now. Steeling herself for what was a performance of a lifetime, Ellen brought her attention to the nurse. "He’s not in his room?" she remarked with indifference.

"No," she replied. "Bobby is an old friend of Matt’s, so I showed him to his room so they could visit, but Matt wasn’t there. He isn’t scheduled for any tests, where is he?"

"I really have no idea," Ellen answered, as she turned to glare at Bobby. This was Matt’s brother, and he was there to kill him. "So, you’re an old friend of Matt’s?"

"Yeah, we go way back," Bobby replied, getting a strong feeling that this Ellen knew more than she was saying. "You have no idea where Dr. Harmon is?"

"No," she said with a shake of her head, "none at all." This was the first moment since saying goodbye to Matt that she was glad she didn’t know where he was.

"Aren’t you concerned, Ellen? Matt was seriously hurt," Grace barked, not at all happy with Ellen’s blasé attitude.

"The last time I saw him, he was doing very well. This wouldn’t be the first time Dr. Harmon just up and left. Seems to me that if he’s gone, he must be feeling better. Now, if that’s all?"

"No, that is not all!" Grace sniped. "I can’t understand what he could see in you. Is there anything you care about?"

"Yes, my stomach, it’s empty right now and I’m about to fill it up. I came by to drop off these files," she explained as she handed Grace the manila folders she carried. "Here’s a friendly piece of advice, I would watch that tone if I were you, Nurse Sullivan. Now, if you’ll excuse me."

Grace took the files from Ellen’s hand. "By all means, Dr. Burgess, I wouldn’t want to keep you away from your lunch. I can’t believe her," Grace muttered, dropping the files onto the desk as she shot angry daggers at Ellen’s back as she walked into the OCR.

"Who is she, and what’s her connection to Dr. Harmon?" Bobby asked as he too watched Ellen leave.

"She’s the chief resident and for some reason Matt is extremely infatuated with her."

Bobby gave his attention back to Grace. "I thought you said you were involved with him? What’s this about her?"

"Matt and I were dating, but he ended things with me to pursue her. She barely knows he’s alive, yet she’s all he can see. As you can see, she doesn’t give a damn about him."

Grace was too angry to see things, but from what Bobby could see, this Ellen did care. Saying nothing much said a lot for men like him, and he heard everything Ellen didn’t say. There was a look in her eyes, one of recognition. She tried to hide it, but he saw it. She knew who he was, he’d bet his life on it.

"Chris!" Grace shouted, running up to the doctor as she saw him come off the elevator. "Where’s Matt?"

"What do you mean, where’s Matt?" Chris returned, not being able to miss Bobby standing at the station.

"You told me the other day that Matt might be leaving town soon and now he’s not in his room. Where is he?"

"I don’t know, maybe he went home. Have you tried there?"

"No, I’ll call."

As Grace ran behind the desk to call Matt’s apartment, Bobby caught up to Chris before he could leave.

"Alright, Dr. Ramsey. What’s with the runaround?"

"I don’t understand?" Chris replied, playing the clueless game to the hilt.

"You can’t kid a kidder. You knew he was in the hospital, yet you had me stay around that apartment, why?" Opening his jacket, Bobby allowed Chris to get a good look at his gun. "If you want to live to see another day, you’ll tell me where I can find him. I know you sent me the picture, so you’d better start talking."

"Put that thing away," Chris fearfully urged.

"After you tell me what I want to know. Where is he?"

"I don’t know where he is." Chris read the doubt in Bobby’s eyes. "Honest," he insisted.

"Keep talking," Bobby demanded.

"Look, I’m no friend of Matt’s, I won’t lie about that, and yes, I sent the picture, but I don’t know where he is. I wanted him out the way. He was quiet, too quiet so I knew he had a secret. I looked around his apartment and discovered there was a connection between him and your family. I didn’t tell you he was here because I didn’t want him to know I sent you. I was gonna warn him that someone was looking for him so he’d leave town and be out of my way, without putting suspicion on myself. Before I could tell him anything I was called into the ER. That’s the truth.

"What else?" Bobby questioned, his hardened gaze burning holes into Chris.

"Dr. Ellen Burgess, now she was coming out of Harmon’s room in tears when I came in just over an hour ago. She was adamant that I not go in there, as a matter of fact she was the one who forced me go to the ER. She probably saw him last. Maybe she knows something, but I don’t. Come to think of it, she and Mike Corbin, Matt’s landlord, were with him a lot while he was here, in fact they were with him before he was brought into the hospital. You’re talking to the wrong person. You need to check with Burgess and Corbin. That’s her right there," he said pointing at Ellen as she exited the OCR. More than ready to get away from Bobby and his gun, Chris took that moment to make a quick departure.

Bobby didn’t doubt Ellen knew something about Eric, and after his talk with Chris he was sure of it. Following Ellen as she approached the elevator, Bobby entered the empty car and stood beside her.

Ellen had no desire to be alone with him and made an attempt to leave. As she moved forward, Bobby blocked her path and pressed the closed button of the elevator. Once the doors closed, he turned to face her and opened his coat to show his weapon.

Ellen’s face became ashen as a gasp of fear fell from her lips.

"What’s the rush, doctor? I’m sure Eric has told you all about me, so you know I have no problem with using one of these. I want him, and you’re going to help me find him, one way or another."